Free Trading Seminar September 24th

Find out if trading the financial markets is something you could do?

What it involves and if you could profit,
Meet our traders and staff and get all the answers you need…

Register to attend our next Free Opening Evening with Peter Brown, founder and head lecturer.

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Free Investment Seminar September 23rd

Learn about the different Investment opportunities available and how to structure your portfolio to maximise your returns.

Register to attend our next Free Investment Seminar with Peter Brown, founder and head lecturer.

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Diploma in Investing

With interest rates so low, many people want to educate themselves more
about investing and find ways to get a decent return on their money.

Starts Wednesday 8th October

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IIFT  Courses


We offer a range of courses for all levels of experience. Teaching the importance of risk management, developing personal trading strategies and the psychology behind trading.

IIFT Webinars


Join us for a Free Seminar about Investing and/or Trading the Financial Markets.
 Find out whats involved;
 Is Investing or Trading something you can do;
 Meet our staff and traders

Investment Seminar – Tuesday 23rd September 2014, at 6:30pm
Trading Seminar – Wednesday 24th September 2014

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IIFT Business Site

IIFT Business provides corporate training courses in how the dynamics of the financial markets impact the success or failure of your business and what you can do to position your business favourably.

Our courses are accredited by Institute of Banking and Life Insurance Association and subsidised by Summit Finuas Network.