IIFT Daily Note with Peter Brown

A quiet week ahead?

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Very little on the economic calender this week. market should be fairly stable unless the Detroit bankruptcy causes a stir. So far bad news is having minimal effect on these markets. Low interest rates and QE are driving funds into stocks. We have come a long way in the recent rally, are we going to correct or punch forward to 1700?

This morning is a wait and see on sentiment. It is a 50/50 call on whether we push on or take some money off the table. So I am going to be patient and wait for the mood to emerge and then go with that.

Thec. levels are working well on the Euro 1.3200   1.3100  S&P harder as we are at new highs. 1700  1678  1672


Andrew O' Connor

July 22, 2013


Hi Peter
Where do you see the dollar goin if the earnings and housing starts are weak this week?

    Peter Brown

    July 22, 2013


    Hi Andrew,

    Dollar under a bit of pressure this morning. Detroit bankruptcy etc. It will go lower if the above are weak.

    Could be a pretty quiet week though.