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The Institute of Investing & Financial Trading was founded in early 2010 by Peter Brown, John Curran and Tony Fitzpatrick.

Institute of Investing & Financial Trading 26 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2They were the first to recognise the surge in interest from the wider community to become involved in Financial Trading. Being from a trading background we realised the limited success that would be achieved without the necessary education.

The market is full of get rich quick strategies and offerings, none of which work. Financial trading is like anything else in life it requires hard work and knowledge to achieve success. Peter Brown together with a team of successful traders have developed a unique educational programme based on set-ups and edges that have been tried and tested, this is the first of its kind in Ireland. We teach you how to execute these edges as well as developing a deep understanding of how the markets work; we cover all aspects of trading from risk management to psychology.

With commitment for hard work we can develop the trading potential in students and through our free membership offering we can help nurture that talent over years.

The Institute of Investing & Financial Trading is a trading name of Wolfgang Management Services Limited. Company Number: 482394. Registered office at 26 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.