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‘All quiet on the Western Front’

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The market awaits the EU summit. It would seem split on two sides, Germany want closer Fiscal Union first, then they will provide the cash, the rest want the cash first then closer fiscal union. My money is on the German’s.

In the meantime the market is pretty much range bound  1.2525   1.2440 on the Euro and 1304  1318  on the S&P.

Expect the hype to start to build as they head to the summit. My guess is it’s going to be a total mess but we can wait for that position to emerge before diving in. Today is a trade around the high or low levels.

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Roger Kenny

June 27, 2012


Apart from Bryan’s daily opinion and your blog,I have found FT.com premium service very helpful.While I signed up for other websites initially,I am shedding them at a fast rate,preferring to eat and drink the money.
Personally I expect the CAC to be 20 to 30% lower this time Next Year
Regards to all at IIFT
Roger Kenny