Becoming the Best Trader You Can Be

Accredited for CPD hours with IOB, LIA &
Qualifies for Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG)

Trading the markets is all about taking advantage of upswings and downswings. Anybody can do it but you need to know how to go about building a plan, managing your risk and reward, how the markets work and lots more.

Day trader or Occasional Trader
Some people wish to explore becoming day traders. That means making a regular income from trading on an intensive daily basis and making gains on short-term market moves.

Others are looking to take positions in the market to make profits on a more medium to longer term basis. Such traders do not need to spend much time on their trading. In some cases a weekly or monthly check on their positions is enough to build a profitable trading account.

What You’ll Get With IIFT
No matter what type of trading you want to do, the IIFT will provide you with a comprehensive blend of face to face training, professional expertise and ongoing support in your journey to make money on the markets.

Peter Brown, renowned commentator and veteran markets professional, takes a hands-on role in all training programmes.

Your Next Step
You can start with a 1 day Trading Bootcamp suitable for beginners and people wondering if trading is right for them. The flagship 8 week evening Trading Diploma is a must for people who’ve decided to try and make some money on the markets. And the intensive Advanced Trading Week will completely transform your trading skills and mindset.

Course/Event Level
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Level 2
Level 3
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