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David’s Daily Note – The New Stasi

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Daily Note – The New Stasi

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Good morning from a wet, windy and deeply unpleasant Dublin! But we should count our blessings; at least we are not turning the four million tourists who visit our city every year into a holiday version of the Stasi.

This is what the Greeks proposed over the weekend to clamp down on tax evasion!

Check it out here. This is actually part of the Greek submission to the EU on how they intend to stamp out tax evasion. Check out this direct quote:

“To this effect we propose the following: That large numbers of non-professional inspectors are hired on a strictly short-term, casual basis (no longer than two months, and without any prospect of being rehired) to pose, after some basic training, as customers, on behalf of the tax authorities, while ‘wired’ for sound and video.

We envisage that the recruits will come from all walks of life (e.g. students, housekeepers, even tourists in popular areas ripe with tax evasion) who will be paid hourly and who will be hard to detect by offending tax dodgers. The very ‘news’ that thousands of casual ‘onlookers’ are everywhere, bearing audio and video recording equipment on behalf of the tax authorities, has the capacity to shift attitudes very quickly.”

You will know that I believe that the Greeks should get more debt relief, but even I assume this must be a piss take. What you think?

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