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Deal or no Deal

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That is the question. It was too good to be true. Put a bunch of politicians in a room and expect them to come to agreement on time! It was never going to be smooth and we got a bump in the road yesterday.

S&P lost 200 points and the Euro 100

Today we have to wait and see, as all eyes and ears on trained to any news on the Fiscal Cliff. This will continue untill year end.

This is my last blog until January 2nd, So Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

Levels are 1.3330  1.3175 for the Euro,  1439  1425 on the S&P, Same game 50 points to find the mood 150 point winners.



December 20, 2012


Merry Christmas to you too Pete. Ur
blog has been a necessity this year. Thanks Stephen


December 20, 2012


Hi Peter
thanks for all the useful incites throughout the year and a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to all the staff in the IIFT.

Jake Walsh

December 21, 2012


Hi Peter, many thanks for your input and great pointers and talks in the last few weeks.

Best wishes for the season that’s in it…