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European Debt Crisis

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Crisis over, up up and away!!!

I jest of course tho’ ‘managed markets’ do go higher. At the moment everthing is underpinned by Fed’s safety net and Merkel’s embrace.

For longer term punter the right, guaranteed, 9% Irish Gov bond is an absolute must. While yields can go higher this is a sweet investment methinks.

To the Fed’s concern on DEFLATION, just a short economics 101 if you will bear with me : It is a scourge, it puts a complete halt to Commerce if goods and services are perceived to likely be cheaper in the future.

Markets are tricky today but look for return of ‘risk’ trade with Stocks higher and Euro Oil Gold etc following suit. Don’t forget PB’s risk management tho’ cos short term trend could be lower but does 3 days a trend make?
Good Hunting.

Colin D Gregan

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