IIFT Daily Note with Peter Brown

Euro stock Indicies

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Thats where I am looking for direction today. S&P has had a very volatile week ranging 1360  to 1390 but will probably end the week unchanged. This is a tricky market because there is volatility but little direction. All the markets keep returning to previous levels. I would not be surprised if we finish today at 1380.

Euro stock indicies are falling, particularly Spain and Italy, so we can get some direction from there. Not a great day for stats so we will be jobbing. The narrow range for the S&P is 1367  1377. Euro  1.3060  1.3180

Equity indicies for direction but look for a  short qsueeze later in the US if the  S&P is below 1380



April 20, 2012


S&P has been like a roller coaster ride this week, not sure where to go with it.


April 20, 2012


Peter, any thoughts on MarketSpreads? Was surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned as I’m sure a lot of Irish people use them. Having been burned before, I’m a bit cautious about where I leave my money these days although from what I’ve seen, the lads at MarkeSpreads are genuine enough. Hope they are not in difficulty.