Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading Internship

Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading

The advantage of this course is the time you spend being mentored in the trading techniques, set ups and edges developed by our team, and the continued support and mentoring at our open trading days for a full year.

The course content covers all the necessary areas any ‘would be ‘trader will require to build a personalised trading strategy. Advanced Risk Management, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Advanced Trading Strategies are all core elements of the course. Tutoring in Economic Data Analysis, Advanced Trading Techniques and the Psychology of Trading also form the basis of the course. Spread Trading Account setup and Trade Station setup are also covered on the course in an internship type environment.

The advantage of the Advanced Diploma Course is in the internship side, valuable knowledge and experience that can only be gained in a live trading environment forms the basis of this course. Interaction with the in-house traders while you trade generates valuable lessons and experience unrivaled in any other course in this field. All our traders are experts in their fields, trading, economics, technical analysis and trading setup. Each member of our team, Peter Brown, Vincent Hogan and Niall O’ Connor bring their own unique trading styles and qualities to the ‘hands on’ tutoring available with the Advanced Diploma Course.

Peter Brown brings 30 years of successful trading experience to his tutoring here at the Institute. Peters hands on approach during the Advanced Diploma Course is simple insightful and astonishingly successful.

During your time with us you can avail of the Morning Meeting. During this meeting Peter offers his insight and expertise into the daily prospects for various markets of interest, and his analysis of the possible movements in those markets.

Economic data can be a mine field. Forming a Macro and Micro Economic view of markets forms a very important part of a successful trader’s arsenal. Vincent Hogan, lecturer in economics, offers a traders perspective of economic data analysis. He identifies ways of separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ in economic data. Essential listening.

Niall O’Connor is a graduate of the Advanced Diploma Course. One of our in house traders, Niall offers that important link between the theory and the practice.

The student can expect to have a very intensive development period akin to working in a professional trading environment.

Course Requirements

Experience in trading financial instruments, good computer skills, and a willingness and determination to learn advanced trading techniques.
2 weeks – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am-4.30pm. Plus One Year of Mentorship

Cost = €2,750
(most payment methods accepted cheque, bank draft, bank lodgement, visa)

Course Content

Introduction to trading
• Learning what trading is really about.
• What it entails
• Requirements to develop earning potential
One to One Mentoring
• Personal and private help through any trading challenges
Supervised Live Trading with Peter Brown
• Students learn beside Peter Brown as he trades a live account#
Morning Meetings with Peter and Niall
• Daily morning meetings to discuss the markets
Technical Set ups with Vincent Hogan
Advanced Risk Management
• Utilising your capital without exposing it to volatile swings
How The Markets Work
• Learning the inside track into how professional participants work the markets
Advanced Fundamental Analysis
• The development and maintenance of a macroeconomic view of the markets
Advanced Technical Analysis
• Advanced technical analysis techniques, essential in successful trading
Advanced Trading Strategies
• Professional trading strategies and techniques
Analysing Economic Data
• Economic news – how to interpret it and how to react
• Entry and Exit principles and techniques
Personalised Trading Strategies
• Strategies that suit your lifestyle
The Psychology of Trading
• Living with trading, the techniques that keep stress to a minimum
• Maximising your trading platform
Advanced Trading Techniques 1
• Trend catcher trading techniques
Advanced Trading Techniques 2
• Gap Play trading techniques
Advanced Trading Techniques 3
• Range trading trade techniques
Advanced Trading Techniques 4
• SSI trading techniques
Advanced Trading Techniques 5
• Pivot trading techniques

Access for One Year to all live trading days

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