Advanced Trading Week with Peter Brown

Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading

Accredited for CPD hours with IOB, LIA &
Qualifies for Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG)


The core of the Advanced Trading Week is the live Trading experience with Peter Brown and the team at IIFT. Valuable knowledge and experience that can only be gained in a live trading environment forms the basis of this course. Interaction with the in-house traders while you trade generates valuable lessons and experience unrivaled in any other course. All our traders are experts in their fields: trading, economics, technical analysis and trading setups and strategies.

Peter Brown brings 25 years of successful trading experience to his tutoring here at the Institute. Peter’s hands-on approach during your Advanced Trading Week is simple, insightful, practical and geared towards making you the best trader you can be.

The course is modeled on a professional trading room. There is a morning meeting to set up the day, live trading with Peter Brown and a daily tutorial to enhance your knowledge of the markets and the strategies that you might employ. The full week is specifically designed to enable you to have a finalised Trading Plan on completion of the course on Friday.

Whether you aspire to be a day trader, strategic trader or active investor, the student can expect to have a very intensive development period akin to working in a professional trading environment.

Course Content


4 Full Days Monday to Thursday 8am to 4.30pm

Introduction & system setup
Daily Live Trading
Morning Strategy Meeting
Daily DAX Fade Trade Set Up and Execution
High frequency trading
Advanced Technical Analysis Tutorial: Chart set ups for Day Trading, Strategic Trading, Order Trading and Equity Trading.
How to form your Macro view: Navigating the IIFT Daily Note
Straddle Trade Tactics and live examples
Gap Plays and how to execute
How to make money Strategic Trading
Signal Trading – execution
Equity Pairs Trading
Trend Catching – spotting opportunities and finding entry levels
Trading Psychology and Analysis
A finalised Trading Plan

Learning Outcomes

Students should leave the course with a completed trading plan. Your plan will contain the strategy best suited for you based on the time you have allocated to interact with the market. You will understand the techniques and tactics needed to make your plan succeed and you will know how to analyse your trades to attain greater trading success. This intensive course is designed to speed up the learning curve and get students trading in line with a detailed plan and correct risk levels.

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28th – 31st Jan 2019
8am – 4.30pm daily

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Here is what people are saying about the course…
“A great opportunity to get some real experience with real people in a live enviornement” Joe Roche, Meath, Oct ’14
“Not only did I learn more than I could have hoped for, I also got real life trading experience. It was very enjoyable and I would and will recommend this course. Remember your risk management.” Francis Fitzgerald, Co. Dublin, Nov ’14