Diploma In Financial Trading – Dublin

This Diploma is for people who want to explore trading independently and take charge of their own trading strategies.

The course covers the primary principles of trading used by market professionals and is presented by IIFT’s team of in-house lecturers led by Peter Brown.

Peter’s clear and concise style garnered from over 25 years of trading experience is unique in trading education. Highlights of the course include:
• Trading styles, strategies, risk management, economic macro views and technical analysis.
• Advanced trading techniques, set-ups and edges developed by the team that have proved successful time and time again.
• How to execute trades and develop skills to take astute opportunities in the market.
• Continuous assessment to ensure essential learning goals achieved.
• At no extra cost, opportunity for continued support and mentoring at 4 quarterly Live Trading Days.
• Trading plan development to remove emotions from the pursuit of success.
The course is ideal for individuals who wish to explore developing a new Tax Free source of supplementary or full time income. It’s structured for beginners and people with some experience to develop the critical skills and disciplines to improve trading performance.

Course Content

Introduction to Trading

• Learning what trading is really about.
• What it entails
• Requirements to develop earning potential

Risk Management

• Utilising your capital without exposing it to volatile swings

How The Markets Work

• Learning the inside track into how professional participants work the markets

Fundamental Analysis

• The development and maintenance of a macroeconomic view of the markets

Technical Analysis

• Advanced technical analysis techniques, essential in successful trading

Trading Strategies

• Professional trading strategies and techniques

Analysing Economic Data

• Economic news – how to interpret it and how to react


• Entry and Exit principles and techniques

Personalised Trading Strategies

• Strategies that suit your lifestyle

The Psychology of Trading

• Living with trading, the techniques that keep stress to a minimum

Platform Introduction

• Best Practice

Advanced Trading Techniques 1

• Gap Play trading techniques

Advanced Trading Techniques 2

• Fade Trading Techniques

Advanced Trading Techniques 3

• Range trading trade techniques

Access to 4 quarterly live trading days (Practical application of skills in a Live Trading environment)

CPD Accreditation
This course has received formal approval for CPD hours for QFA, CUA, CUG, LCOI, Chartered Bankers/CeB, LIA, Institute of Bankers (including Registered Stockbrokers).
Company Running the Activity Institute of Investing & Financial Trading
Event Name Diploma in Financial Trading
Topics Covered Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Fundamental
Analysis, Trading Strategies, Physchology of Trading, Trading Techniques, Regulation & Macro View
Event Date Monthly
Duration of Event 14 hours in class – one evening per week for 7 weeks 32hrs Practical Live Trading Experience – 4 Full 8 hrs Days
Accreditation No. for institute of Bankers Members 2012-1254
Venue 26 Lr Baggot Street.
Presenters Peter Brown, Niall O’Connor, Tomas Agnew
Contact Name in Organisation Tomas Agnew
Formal CPD Hours Awarded for: QFAs 4
CUAs & CUGs 4
Chartered Bankers /
CPD Members of LIA & Institute of Bankers (including Registered
Hours Categories
4 3
Upcoming Courses – IIFT, 26 Lower Baggot, Dublin
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Here is what people are saying about the course…
“Speaking as someone with a background in higher education, I found the course to be thorough, well thought out and expertly delivered. There was no pressure to buy into any extras; indeed there was a great deal of generosity on the part of the organisers. Very supportive before, during and after the course.”
Robert Greene, Dec 2017
“Speaking as someone with a background in higher education, I found the course to be thorough, well thought out and expertly delivered. There was no pressure to buy into any extras; indeed there was a great deal of generosity on the part of the organisers. Very supportive before, during and after the course.”
Robert Greene, Dec 2017
“I have just completed a Diploma Course in Financial Trading with IIFT. I can honestly say that if you are considering a career, part time or full time, in financial trading then I would advise you to complete a course with IIFT. You will get all the skill sets you require to trade successfully. You will also be shown how to incorporate risk management strategies into your trading methods which are imperative to being your own personal trader or hedge fund manager. Most importantly, all IIFT tutors are professional traders and will give you the very best of their many collective years of trading experiences. I was also very pleased by the participants in the course”
Andrew Fitzwalter, Oct 2017
Don Pic“Excellent. The tuition gets better and better. Peter on top of his game, Niall very good on technical analysis, the importance of price action and being ready to trade were highlights for me. The follow-on trading days are superb and very energising.”
Don Morrissey.
“The IIFT provides exemplary financial trading educational services with the highest integrity, maximum wit and clarity. Thoroughly impressed”
Aly Alvy.
“When I finished my diploma with IIFT I wrote a short testimonial. I don’t believe it was good enough and I believe IIFT deserve a bit better than what I wrote. So here is another one….
I had a choice to either emigrate to Canada or invest in myself by studying with IIFT. For the sake of wanting to enter the stock market I decided to study with IIFT.
It is one of the best decisions I made in my life as I can now enter the stock market as a day trader and earn another stream of income. The staff were really helpful and were passionate in teaching myself and my class how to trade efficiently in the stock markets.
I really enjoyed Peters macro view on the economics around the world and what impact it has on the stock markets. I also really enjoyed learning the different styles of trade which I am implementing on my trades now.
I especially enjoyed Niall’s technical analysis on how to trade. Everything I learnt from him is exactly what I was looking for when I first started.
I am absolutely delighted to have studied with IIFT and will be doing further studies with them in the future….no regrets what so ever.
As for emigration, it was only delayed for another 9 months. I now have the knowledge to enter the stock markets even in Canada!!”
Terence Chan.
“10/10. Very good course – has taken the mystery out of understanding the financial markets.
Louis McConkey.
“This course has opened up a whole new world to me, being given the knowledge & tools to engage in financial trading without being intimidated, and the opportunity to financially benefit from same.”
Jason Clancy, WATERFORD.