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From the comfort of your own home, or elsewhere, you can now do the IIFT’s Diploma in Investing.

It will transform your investing skills, outlook and confidence.

Here’s how it works:
• A camera in the lecture theatre beams directly into your laptop or desktop
• The lecturer talks to you and the people in the theatre
• You can see the lecture slides on your monitor alongside your speaking lecturer
• Presenters are trained to ensure that you feel very involved and you can ask questions during each session
• If you miss a lecture, you can view it later at a time that suits you
Content of the Diploma is summarized below and we look forward to welcoming you online to a course that we believe will help you to a new level of investing excellence.

Course Content

Module 1: An inside view of financial markets – Peter Brown

• Course overview and framework
• How the financial markets work
• How big players influence the markets
• What determines price movement
• Risk and reward management for investors
• The effect of the low interest rate environment
• Accessing euro versus non euro assets
• Assessing hidden risks in investment products
• Making money in the markets

Module 2: Individual Asset Classes – Martin O Sullivan

• Deposits – being careful about where you put your cash
• Bonds – higher yielding alternatives for investors
• Pros and cons of corporate versus sovereign bonds
• Commodities – should investors be in gold, oil, food commodities?
• ETFs or exchange traded funds – what are they?
• Why does the modern investor need to know about ETFs?
• ETFs: target specific asset classes (equities, property, bonds, commodities etc.) to suit your investment strategy

Module 3: Managed Asset Classes and Portfolio construction – Robert Whelan

• Tracker Bonds – prospects for success in this environment, costs and risks.
• Managed Funds – the good the bad and the ugly.
• Portfolio Construction – determining the mix of asset classes – low, medium and higher risk.
• How to build and maintain a diversified investment portfolio

Module 4: Modern tools and Techniques – Niall O’ Connor

• Platforms and techniques
• Buying shares on line
• ETFs on-line
• Financial spread betting
• CFDs
• Options – a simple overview
• Engaging a broker – advisory or non-advisory
• Tools
• Technical analysis for investors
• Useful information sources

Module 5: Shares-Fundamental Analysis / The Role of News – Vincent Hogan

• The various stock markets and sectors
• How to evaluate companies
• Rules for buy trades
• Rules for short trades
• Common mistakes investors make
• How to maximise your profits
• Interpreting news and benefiting from it
• Assessing the macro economic cycles
• Some further reading

Module 6: Property Investing – Karl Deeter

• Property as an investment
• Property versus other investments
• What factors affect property investing?
• Ways of evaluating a property investment
• Valuing property as an investment
• Historical performance and cyclicality
• Leverage
• Taxation
• Regulation
• Summary

Module 7: The Pension Market and Pension Management – Cormac Farrell

• What is really happening in the Pension market
• What are smart people doing
• Self-directed pensions
• Better pension performance
• Charges and penalties
• Allocation rates

Module 8: Course Review and developing your action plan – Eoin McGee & Tomás Agnew

• A professional Financial Planner will attend the module and help you develop your personal investment action plan
• Optimising the tax efficiency of your investments
• Course review and moving forward
• How to access IIFT support

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