Future Income

Your Future, Your Income

Many people struggle to get started on providing for their future income. Common reasons include not knowing where to start, who to trust or a feeling of not being able to afford premiums or putting money into a pension.

Independent Help

The IIFT’s Retirement Income Bootcamp helps people to understand how the industry works and more importantly gives you a roadmap for how you might get started. We don’t sell products. This bootcamp will give you the knowledge and confidence on how best to get started or to optimise your current arrangements.

The course is for people who:
• want to get started on their future income plan
• feel that their pension arrangement can be improved or optimised
• want to take a more active role in ensuring a comfortable retirement through self-directed or administered schemes
• are in employee schemes but are unsure how to maximize their benefits – choosing funds, AVCs, etc.
IIFT is Ireland’s trusted independent source for financial education. This intensive bootcamp will show you how to:
• Understand how all the players in the industry work – insurance brokers, pensions consultants, financial advisers in banks, life assurance companies, financial planners, corporate pension providers, stockbrokers, trustee firms, wealth managers
• Figure out the best type of provider for you to choose and to understand the array of products available
• Be clear on fee structures, hidden charges and how to negotiate the best possible rates so that there’s more money for you when you need it.
• Decide on whether to take an active self-administering role or to let a fund manager manage your fund or other assets
• Set your goals, maximise income tax efficiencies and to utilise modern tools and platforms.
• Narrow down your options and have the confidence to make your choice

Dates TBA- IIFT, 26 Lr Baggot St., Dublin 2
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