Investing Fundamentals

Accredited for CPD hours with IOB, LIA

Investing for Beginners

This is a foundation A-Z course of what investing is all about in plain and simple language. It will give attendees the confidence to build knowledge and to get on the path of earning better returns on your money.

Interested beginners can attend in person in Dublin or online from anywhere.

Course Content

The Current low interest rate environment

Savings & Deposits

Basic Investing Principles

Key information Documents

Investment overview

Classes of Investment Assets:-

1. Equity Markets
2. Bonds
3. Property
4. Commodities
5. Foreign Exchange
6. Peer to peer lending
7. Invoice Trading

Tax Efficiency & Buying Techniques

Upcoming Courses – Dublin or Online
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13th Dec 2018
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Here is what people are saying about the course…
“It is very important to gain some knowledge about the financial markets and the financial services industry. The one day course I attended in IIFT delivered by Peter Brown opened my eyes as to how dangerous the industry is and how careful I need to be about interacting with financial advisors. Peter showed the cost of some of these products and it is staggering. There is a return to be made but you better be able to evaluate the talent in your corner. This course helped me do that.”
Frederick Masterson