Investing for Beginners

Investing for Beginners

This is a foundation A-Z course of what investing is all about in plain and simple language. It will give attendees the confidence to build knowledge and to get on the path of earning better returns on your money.

Interested beginners can attend in person in Dublin or online from anywhere.

Course Content


Asset classes, time horizons, wise sayings, risk and reward, lifelong journey, information sources, recommended reading

Equity Markets – Stocks and Shares

– Irish market
– UK market, the FTSE, AIM
– US market, Dow Jones, S&P,, Nasdaq
– European markets: Dax, CAC, Eurostoxx 50

Key Sectors

– Food, Consumer, Health, Transport
– Financial stocks, Energy, Pharma, Life Sciences
– Industrial, Utilities, Tech, IT, Communications
– Construction, Homebuilding, Retail, Distribution

Types of stocks

– Growth
– Cyclicals
– Dividend
– Blue Chips
– speculative
– IPOs


– how do I buy stocks
– costs
– things to look out for

Deposit Accounts

– Irish banks, credit unions and building societies
– rates of interest
– Demand and fixed terms
– Foreign operators
– Is my money safe on deposit? Government guarantees, Euro risk.
– Interest rate environment


– Irish Government bonds
– corporate bonds
– overseas bonds

Break for 10 mins


– Irish residential
– Irish commercial
– UK property
– European property
– US and other property
– Time and yields
– vehicles to invest in property in small amounts


– Precious metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, etc.
– Energy: Oil, Gas
– Soft commodities: Coffee, Corn, Sugar, Soya, Wheat
– Why invest in commodities?
– How can I invest in commodities?

Tax efficiency & buying techniques

– Importance of minimising tax burdens
– pensions
– capital gains tax
– deposit interest retention tax
– capital losses
– inheritance taxes
– buying stocks, Options, ETFs, CFDs, Financial spread betting, Funds, Tracker bonds

Practical Exercise

– Attendees fill in a simple template of a scenario specifying investment amount, goals, timelines, attitude to risk, time input, requirement for advisory and professional services, experience, etc.
– Scenarios are reviewed and discussed in a hypothetical way to demonstrate the many different avenues that can be explored.


– Q&A
– Review of the morning
– Next steps

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