Risk Management Webinar

Risk Management Method

About this Webinar:

Risk management is the first and most important skill which needs to be mastered by anyone entering the financial markets. This webinar explains the risk management strategy employed by the professional traders at IIFT, traders who have earned their living from the markets for years. The webinar solves the Trader/Risk manager conflict and gives you the maths to enter the markets in a low risk strategy. It eliminates the gambling approach to trading which is unsustainable both financially and mentally. It discusses the correct use of the stop loss order and its effectiveness in controlling risk. We explain how to use our unique trading ticket which is designed to eliminate common mistakes when finding and executing trades. It also enables a review of your trading pattern which is valuable when trying to eliminate weaknesses and improve. Our risk management method is tried and tested over decades of trading and is the corner stone of our trading principles and techniques.

Webinar Content

1. The importance of Risk management
2. Trader/Risk Manager conflict resolved
3. Correct use of the Stop Loss order
4. Unique Trading Ticket

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