Why Choose IIFT

The Diploma in Financial Trading Course is jointly certificated by IIFT and DBS.

Our team at IIFT has in excess of 100 years of trading experience between us, and in fact remain active traders still. We are very much of the view at IIFT that to require the critical skills and disciplines necessary to give yourself the opportunity to trade successfully you require both an academic and technical education, but also, you require an ongoing practical application of those skills in a mentored environment allowing you to hone those skills and disciplines.
To that end our course has two distinct parts. First each student receives an education in trading based on the skills and disciplines we use successfully ourselves day in day out. All critical areas are covered over the initial 8 week class room environment. Normally this is where your education comes to an end with other providers in this area.

Not so at IIFT, this is merely the beginning of your trading education. Uniquely here at IIFT. on completion of the 8 week course each student becomes eligible to attend our monthly live trading days for at least the next 12 months. The trading days are full day events here at IIFT in Baggot Street. These events allow our students to develop their trading in a mentored setting, generating solutions to problems with our trading team, honing their trading while maintaining a focus on their skills and disciplines. Each student also automatically becomes a member of the IIFT Trading Club exclusive to students of our courses. Within the club we offer forums on relevant markets, live market news wires , members classifieds and competitions to name some of the facilities open to its members.