IIFT Daily Note with Peter Brown


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Good rally yesterday, although it took a long time comming. Today will be dominated by the FOMC later and the outlook for QE3 or not.

Greek deal put to bed last night, and Draghi speaks later.

Key levels are the 1378 top on the S&P and 1.3200 on the Euro and 1725 on Gold. Has the feeling of an up day, hate to say this but I think it’s a buy on dips! Will be quite active around 7pm when we here the FOMC.




March 13, 2012


Hi Peter, The US changed the clocks last week-end ,so they’re 4 hours behind. The FOMC will be around 18:00 Irish time. And the US data and opening is all one hour earlier too.

Peter Brown

March 13, 2012


Hi Jeremy,

Yes you are right. Typo on my behalf sorry