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This is an opportunity to find out what Financial Investing and Trading is all about.

In just 1 hour we demystify the jargon surrounding financial trading, and help you get an idea of what the next steps can be for you. Peter Brown, a leading industry expert will help you understand what is right for you, letting you have more control on your financial well being.

This is not a lesson on how to trade, or show you how you can make money quickly. Instead, you have the opportunity to find out what Financial Trading is actually about, what are the risks involved, and ask all the questions you might have in a comfortable and non-selling environment.

Find out if investing and/or trading is something you can do

Can I get decent returns?

What do you need to know before you begin

What are key risks involved and how can you manage them

Meet our team and ask questions in a non-selling environment

PETER BROWN The epitome of the professional markets trader, Peter has run trading desks in Europe including at Barclays Bank.Few media commentators can match the directness and pithiness of his views