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It’s all about bonds

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Italy up at 6.9% this morning. Despite the ECB buying up all the trash bonds around Europe the market is still weakening. I had hoped for a bounce to start the year off, and to get to nice levels to start selling, but this market looks to negative for a bounce. I will wait for the non farm payrolls on Friday before really getting stuck in  this year. It has to be said though, the market is being swamped by bond issues.

On another note the 2011 exchequer returns for Irealnd make for horrific reading. Are we Greece?



January 5, 2012


Hi Peter – a quick question I forgot to ask you on the course…
How do you account for the spread in your trade? Do you ignore it or do you factor it into your orders.
Say for example, you were putting in a limit order to take a profit at a certain price – do you put in the actual price you want, or do you knock a couple of pips off your order to account for the spread? Thanks

Elva Burns

January 5, 2012


Hi Wayne,
You knock the pips off for the spread. When putting in a limit order always err on the side of caution. If you think that is a good level to take profit the likely hood is so will the market.So make sure your order gets filled. Spread should not be an issue on FX but is on the S&P.