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Market rallies, again!

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Despite more poor data the market rallied hard again yesterday. Getting very difficult to gauge this market. We are selling hard one day only to reverse that the next. Seems we are going nowhere fast despite price action making the market look like it has a direction. This market is now a 50/50 call, up or down. It certainly seems the data has little effect. I am putting a foot on the ball here and admitting I have no idea of the next move. It seems sideways is the answer but the volatility of the sell offs and buy backs are extreme.

Today we can only trade mood and watch the levels.

Conditions will be choppy Levels are Euro 1.3770  1.3700 Wall St (DFB) 16220  16120 S&P (MAR) 1846.5  1831.5  DAX (DFB) 9700  9600



February 21, 2014


Hi Peter,

Is the recent volatility dur to it being option expiration week? And the fact that bad news is being taken as good news by the market would that not suggest we are in a short term bull market where we should buy any dips?

Hard one to call at the moment….



    Peter Brown

    February 24, 2014


    Hi Gary.

    I think the volatility is due to the fact that nobody knows where this market is heading.
    Nowhere is probably the answer but the market has not realised that yet.

    It is trick for all of us