IIFT Daily Note with Peter Brown

Non farm payrolls

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May be the only excitement today. Expect it pretty quiet unless we get some information from Merkel.

payroll figures have to be some way off ecpectations to cause a decent move.

Keep some ammo for next week!


Gerry McEvoy

December 2, 2011


Hi Peter,

Could I have your views on the s&p gap today, is it a play, 140 pts as I type, or must we just wait for the NFP.



Elva Burns

December 2, 2011


Hi Gerry,

As it is a downward gap it is much less likely to close – this coupled with all the bilateral talks going on with Germany, France, UK and possibility of unflagged statements emanating from different sources makes it risky.
With US Non Farm Payrolls at 1.30, the consensus is good, however caution would be the best way of trading in terms of the gap trade and any of the markets today.


December 2, 2011


S&P gap close today? (1:45pm, 100pt gap)