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Not in a range

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The reaction to last week’s summit was a lot more negative than first expected. Everything broke out of the ranges yesterday. We saw a slow continuous sell off across the board. Will that continue today. Well the key is the bond yields. Italy at 6.5% . If we head towards 7% we will continue to sell. The major support is at 1.3150 while a sustained break below 1230 will target 1200.

If the mood is bearish first up it could continue all day. Bounces should be short lived.



December 13, 2011


Hi Peter,
is there a webite with a timetable of gov bond auctions? I dont see it on forexlive.


Peter Brown

December 13, 2011


Hi Paul,

Don’t know of a website that list them.
Spain at 9.30am 12m and 18m bills.

On Forexlive this morning