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Quiet start

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A little quiet at open, but no surprise. These markets need to settle down, the volatility has been immense.

Lots of rumours driving the market yesterday, French downgrade, SocGen etc. Probably more of the same today.

Markets will try to recover in the absence of news. Sell on rallies for the equity markets, buy on dips for Gold. FX sidlined for now too many weak currencies e.g. Euro US Gbp etc.

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August 11, 2011


Hey Pete
Welcome back!
Great opportunities in markets. I see CME has increased margin on Gold. It has nearly gone parabolic when the run for the door occurs with Gold, there will be big short term gains on the downside, timing is everything.
A fair bit of this vol is down to it being August; a short of the VIX may be a good move.
Play small for the big swings…..