IIFT Daily Note with Peter Brown

Rally continues apace.

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Students of IIFT know the concept of Tuned in, Tuned out. I have to admit at the moment I am completely tuned out. This rally is far stronger than I expected and I cannot give any reason for it’s strength. We have tapering and the debt ceiling ahead but the market has decided to ignore any problems and is on a feeding frenzy. This is a market that is going to cost me initially as I cannot buy into the rally because I fundamentally disagree with it. So I have to be patient and keep it small until the market turns. Sometimes trading is just tricky and if you are against the macro move, as I am now, you just have to suck it up. Tuned in will come around soon.

Levels today are 1704  1690  support 1678  Euro 1.3420  1.3320



martin delaney

September 12, 2013


glad to see im not the only one not making sense of this market.
trying to stay in with small stakes.
I respect your honesty and it puts my mind at rest.
thanks again


September 12, 2013


cover ur positions.