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Solid but slow market

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We are back up to resistance on the S&P 1462. This market will be strong all year except for defined shocks. Keeping the S&P down will be akin to holding a beach ball underwater in a swimming pool. The minute you release the pressure it shoots up. Bad news is the pressure and we have little of it at the moment. I am very loath to short this market unless I can point to a specific reason why it should go down.

We are at resistance but I favour a break.

On the Euro there is a feeling we will see dollar strenght soon. The top side is therefore limited. Market is slow on FX so few chances  for big wins. Play the technicals.

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Jake Walsh

January 11, 2013


Good to hear a sane voice on the radio this morning, Peter.

After 5 years of failure, our policy of economic abasement and appeasement continues apace

A bad case of cultural and economic nationalism.

Best wishes for 2013…