IIFT Daily Note with Peter Brown

Stocks good , dollar weak.

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Looks like a trend for some time. Despite an attempt at a sell off on Friday ,stocks rebounded strongly late Friday and this morning. Good news on growth from Japan has caused the uplift first thing. Stocks are good for the short term any dips are a buy opportunity.

This week we have delayed NFP figures tomorrow. Whether they are a true reflection after the shut down is debatablso be careful reading much into them.

On the dollar we still expect it to weaken over the next few weeks. The market on FX at present is really stable. Euro in a 1.3705  1.3660 range. However a break through 1.3711 should lead to further gains.

Levels today are  S&P (DEC) 1742  1736  Wall St (DFB) 15450  15390  Euro  1.3711  1.3690

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