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“Anyone who trades or has investments should attend a course with the Institute of Investing & Financial Trading.”

- Shane Ross Journalist, TD & Ex-Stockbroker


“I would highly recommend the IIFT Trading Diploma to anyone who wants to learn to trade. I knew virtually nothing before I started but I learned so much in such a short space of time that by the end of the Diploma I was confident and looking forward to trading.
The team are honest, approachable, informative and very experienced and they do not go for the ‘hard sell’. They are genuinely interested in teaching good trading practices and their emphasis on risk management was particularly impressive.”

- Scott McComish, Diploma in Financial Trading July 2018.


“I have always had an interest in trading the financial markets but knew little about them or how the markets moved up or down. After taking part in the Diploma in Trading with IIFT it has given me a great knowledge base to enable me to progress my trading career. The key learnings of risk management have definitely opened my eyes to the importance of adequate training before jumping into the markets without any experience.
Highly recommend doing the course if you’re any way interested.”

- Stephen Dykes, Diploma in Financial Trading July 2018.


“I attended the IIFT Diploma in Trading in Athlone in March 2018. I had practically zero knowledge of trading or the financial markets world, so I was coming into the course not knowing what the S&P 500 Index was!

Four weeks later and I can honestly say that I’ve learned so much. Peter, Niall & Tommy were excellent in their delivery of information. Everything was explained so well and the guys welcomed all questions to which they always had a good answer. I came home from every session having learned somethign new and at no point was were we swamped with technical jargon or irrelevant information. It’s all real world advice and info from Industry experts.

The course offers so much value for money in my opinion because students who know very little about trading (like me!) can literally be trading the financial markets successfully in a matter of 2 weeks. And more, importantly, they can do so without ever putting their capital at risk as the importance of risk management is a huge part of the course. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn about financial trading.”

- Florence Murphy, Diploma in Financial Trading March 2018.


“A good insight in how to start trading highlighting the down sides, risks, mitigation measures from people who have lived it on a daily basis. Even if I never trade I am sure that what I have learned will be invaluable.”

- Patrick Coughlan, Diploma in Financial Trading March 2018.


“I found the Diploma in Trading course interesting, informative and very worthwhile. It delivered everything that I wanted from the course. The presenters were professional and approachable and looked forward to attending the course each evening at 6.30pm. I would recommend the course to people who have an interest in Trading, Investing or even just an interest in how the world of finance and the markets work.”

- Christy Early, Diploma in Financial Trading Jan 2018.


“I have just completed a Diploma Course in Financial Trading with IIFT. I can honestly say that if you are considering a career, part time or full time, in financial trading then I would advise you to complete a course with IIFT. You will get all the skill sets you require to trade successfully. You will also be shown how to incorporate risk management strategies into your trading methods which are imperative to being your own personal trader or hedge fund manager. Most importantly, all IIFT tutors are professional traders and will give you the very best of their many collective years of trading experiences. I was also very pleased by the participants in the course”

- Andrew Fitzwalter- Oct 2017


“When I finished my diploma with IIFT I wrote a short testimonial. I don’t believe it was good enough and I believe IIFT deserve a bit better than what I wrote. So here is another one….
I had a choice to either emigrate to Canada or invest in myself by studying with IIFT. For the sake of wanting to enter the stock market I decided to study with IIFT.
It is one of the best decisions I made in my life as I can now enter the stock market as a day trader and earn another stream of income. The staff were really helpful and were passionate in teaching myself and my class how to trade efficiently in the stock markets.
I really enjoyed Peters macro view on the economics around the world and what impact it has on the stock markets. I also really enjoyed learning the different styles of trade which I am implementing on my trades now.
I especially enjoyed Niall’s technical analysis on how to trade. Everything I learnt from him is exactly what I was looking for when I first started.
I am absolutely delighted to have studied with IIFT and will be doing further studies with them in the future….no regrets what so ever.
As for emigration, it was only delayed for another 9 months. I now have the knowledge to enter the stock markets even in Canada!!”

- Terence Chan, Diploma in Financial Trading.


“Excellent. The tuition gets better and better. Peter on top of his game, Niall very good on technical analysis, the importance of price action and being ready to trade were highlights for me. The follow-on trading days are superb and very energising.”

- Don Morrissey, Diploma in Financial Trading.


The Essence of the course was knowledge and was particularly valuable because there was no commercial agenda. The content of the course was stimulating and spectrum provided valuable insight into the financial markets. The course was conducted in an unhurried fashion and the extra time allocated at the end of each session was much appreciated

- Helen Moran, Investing Course.


Great introduction to Financial Trading, well turned out presenters and lecturers, and great lecture materials and handouts. You can ask questions anytime – no problem, Speakers are clear concise and knowledgeable, very well laid out course. All in all very enjoyable.

- Tony Smith, Diploma in Financial Trading.


Over the last 15 years I have invested in ETFs – index tracking and high yield bonds, managed funds, value, dividend and penny stocks, gold and property. I have no doubt that the IIFT Diploma in Financial Trading will increase my overall investment returns through its comprehensive introduction to financial trading. I have been introduced to technical analysis, risk management and a comprehensive suite of trading techniques. The course was excellent overall and the lecturers were of the highest standard being both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Financial trading differs from traditional investing and my early forays have been successful. I look forward to a successful future trading under the guidance of Peter and the IIFT team.

- Eoin Coffey MBA, Diploma in Financial Trading.


I found the Diploma Course with IIFT excellent. I enjoyed attending each week. The IIFT Team always have your best interests at heart. I am know equipped with the skills to protect my capital. Good trading maths and risk management are key parts of the course. The Diploma Course is great value for money if you have an interest in trading the markets.€950.00 for a good education is very little compared to the cost of Trading the Markets uneducated.

- Robert Cook, Diploma in Financial Trading – Limerick.


I just attended your share trading savings pensions & investment class and am reading over your material you gave us. I am shocked at my misconceptions. This material is brilliant and an enjoyable read. Your class has given me a good kick in what I should be focusing on. I look forward to the next class. Thank you very much.

- Robert O’Sullivan, Investing Course.



The Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Financial Trading are well organised. Peter and Bryan are great Traders with decades of experience. No question has been left of unanswered.

- David Bogo, Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Financial Trading.



I found course to be extremely interesting and a great introduction in the way the financial and capital markets work. All the Market Professionals who provided their expertise were excellent but I would have to mention both Cormac and Peter in particular. It is worth doing the course just to get their expert view of the financial and bond markets. I look forward continuing my training in financial markets, under the guidance of the IIFT with a view to completing the Diploma in Financial Trading in the new year.

- Derek Laffan, Investing Course.



“ Having recently completed the IIFT’s Diploma in financial trading I feel certain that I have finally found the beginning of the road to financial independence. To be one in a very small class of 12 people and have direct access to someone of Peter Brown’s experience and expertise is an extremely fortunate and valuable opportunity. As well as his expertise Peter’s enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and delivered with the sincere intention of helping his students understand. With the Advanced course and live trading days to look forward to I am again certain I am on the right road which makes undertaking any journey a pleasure, and this is the MONEY road!” Thank you IIFT.

- John Reilly, Diploma in Financial Trading.



I attended the boot camp in December 2012 and subsequently the 8 week diploma in April/May 2013. These courses were two of the best investments I have made in my trading education. They highlighted many of the pitfalls that I had been making and how to change my techniques. One of the most important lessons I learned was how to manage my risk and to develop my risk reward strategy. The level of knowledge displayed by the lecturers was fantastic and in particular their practical knowledge of trading the markets over 30 years was an invaluable insight. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone who is serious about looking for a genuine way to make additional revenue for their future.

- Conor Power, Boot Camp and Diploma in Financial Trading.



”I Enjoyed the course very much. You cannot trade the markets without first taking the Diploma in Financial Trading with IIFT. It is essential learning for any potential Trader. Peter Brown is a Gem and I would recommend this course without reservation.

- Sean O Dufaigh, Diploma in Financial Trading .



” The Diploma in Financial Trading and The Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading are excellent value and are must do courses for anyone interested in trading.

- Brett Beier, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.



”Excellent Mentoring Course. The ability to trade live for 2 weeks while having professional traders present to pick their brains and seek their advice is invaluable. For the novice trader like myself I learned a huge amount by just being present and listening to Peter, Tommy, Bryan and Niall and watching how they trade. The twelve Trading Days are a fantastic feature of the course and I intend to attend everyone. Anyone thinking of trading absolutely should one or more of IIFT courses.

- Noel Wardick, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.



”Consistently profiting from the financial markets is certainly possible. Increasing the probability of achieving consistent profits is dependent on a clear understanding of basic trading principles and adherence to proven risk management strategies. Attending the Diploma and Advanced Diploma has given me the tools to trade successfully and the ongoing support from the IIFT team is increasing my success with each passing week. I urge anyone serious about trading the financial markets to invest in their trading education. I sincerely recommend the IIFT, quite simply because it is the benchmark in providing trading education.”

- Alan Doherty, Diploma in Financial Trading and Advanced Diploma.



“Very informative course. As a long term investor, I soon learnt that long term investing concepts are often inapplicable to day trading. Clear, focused, hands-on approach with a small class made this course good value for money. Some of the things I learned on the course are also assisting in my medium and long term investing tactics.
Most importantly, I enjoyed the course.”

- John Roger Kenny, Advanced Diploma.



“I completed the Diploma in Financial Trading in the first quarter of 2012 & would recommend it to those seeking a better understanding of the financial markets & those interested in accumulating the basic skills to begin undertaking a career in trading.
The emergence of accessible spread betting companies & the allure of a quick buck will frequently attract uneducated beginners, who will continue to be easily parted with their money. However institutions such as the IIFT provide people with an inside track on how to avoid being one of the vast majorities of losers.
The classes are well structured & provide practical advice & knowledge on every conceivable basic aspect of trading the market on a daily basis, within specific markets which provide the necessary volatility to present opportunity. The lecturers headed by Peter Brown & Bryan Noble, are engaging, informed & experienced. And ultimately this course along with the live trading days will give an individual a fairly clear idea of whether this is something they wish to pursue. So if you are serious about becoming involved in this sector & go in with an open mind & the necessary patience & focus then this is an excellent place to start.”

- Karl Jennings, February Diploma.



“I found this course to be extremely eye opening. Both Peter Brown and Tomas Agnew are both very friendly and easy to talk to, even as a novice to the markets. This course is well worth the money and I would have paid the full fee for just one night of teaching from the guys, I found it that good.
On a very honest note, I didn’t learn to read or write until I was almost 11 years old. I have obviously caught up since but my point is I feel anyone with a real interest could make this work for them, it’s really not rocket science. All I took with me to the course was an interest in finding a way to profit from the markets.”

- Martin Delaney, Diploma in Financial Trading.



Hi Tom, just a quick mail to say thank you to yourself and Peter for a fantastic day in Little Island yesterday on the One Day Trading Boot Camp.
It was fascinating! My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago!!
I’m going to set up an account and get going and will be back in touch very soon.

- John Hegarty, Cork Trading Boot Camp.



Trading the markets without training is just stupid, I can’t believe anyone ever could without the knowledge and skills taught to us in this course. If you’re serious and want the confidence to trade, the IIFT is your starting point. GET EDUCATED!

- Graham Dunne, Advanced Diploma.



”The Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading gives you the unique opportunity to immense yourself in a trading room environment and benefit from the minute-by-minute advice and personal tutorship of Peter, Tommy and their team. The greatest challenge I found as an isolated trader is forming a correct macroview of the market and the influence of key economic events on the market.
On the IIFT course, the market macroview is explained and this guidance given. The course gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and helps you enter trades efficiently (and keeps you out of others).
I would recommend this strongly for anyone who has studied the basic technical theory but wants to learn and observe how to put this into practice to grow your trading account.”

- Darren Bowler, Advanced Diploma.



”Very happy with the course and looking forward to Trading Days.”

- James Fox, Diploma in Financial Trading.



“I attended the Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading course in October and found it to be excellent value for money. It gave a good grounding and basis for trading. The highlight was the variety of course content and lecturers. I continue to trade and find the after support very helpful. Peter Brown brings a real pragmatism and common sense to the proceedings.”

Steve Larkin, Clonakilty Cork


“A quiet revolution is taking place in central Dublin just a stone’s throw away from Dáil Eireann. Peter Brown and his capable team are showing how you can take control of your financial destiny, manage your risk and avoid the pitfalls usually associated with day trading. With a wide range of courses on offer during the day and at night, the IIFT offers courses for anybody interested in increasing their financial awareness or expanding their skill base. 5 stars.”

Seamus, Dublin


“An IIFT course is a must for anyone considering taking control of their finances. Whether you want to be a part time trader to supplement your income, or a full time trader to earn a living from the profession, this course is a must. I have transformed my trading from a roller coaster ride of wins and losses (more losses) to having a disciplined risk management strategy, which trains you to cut your losses and let your winners run. The traders at the IIFT have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed and do all they can to help you along the way. The simple fact is, if you follow their plan and don’t break the rules, you will make money.”

- Dave Daly, Trader, Tipperary


“I recently attended the Diploma in Financial Trading with the IIFT and all I can say is this is a “must do” course if you are serious about learning to trade. Regardless of your current knowledge base, it gives great insight into the world of trading and using spread trading correctly. This course takes a hands on approach using a combination of market methods and information sources but applying it in a practical and real way to fit your lifestyle (either full time or part time trading). More importantly, everything is thought encompassing a risk management structure which is a must, if you want to be a successful trader. The course exposes you to the various trading products and their advantages and disadvantages. These products can be used at different times during a market cycle in a risk controlled framework. I cannot speak highly enough of Peter Brown and his team. A gentleman, who is professional and practical and who consistently displays and willingly shares his vast knowledge of the markets. Not only will you learn from Peter and his team but also from the people who attend the course. I have attended many a course in my time and if you are willing to put in some time and effort you should begin your journey into trading with Peter Brown and IIFT to reap the rewards which will put you on the right track. This is the first course that truly applies market theory in a practical way, under the umbrella of a risk management structure.”

Aoibheann, Dublin


“I arrived at the IIFT thinking I knew something about spread trading having attended various training seminars. How wrong I was! If you are serious about your trading, a visit to the IIFT is the only priority. The chance to be able to sit down and trade real time with traders who do this for a living is invaluable. The risk management lectures alone can save you a fortune. Spread trading is not easy and the only way to approach it is with professionals.”

Harry McCalmont, Stud Farm Owner, Kilkenny


“Just a few lines to let you all know what I thought of the “Introduction to Financial Trading” course which I completed this month. I found the course very educational and found that there is money to be made if you stick to the strict guidelines given during the course. They teach you how to read the market and find the indicators to “buy or sell” on your trading account. I also heard some very scary stories from both Peter Brown and Bryan Noble of how it could and has gone wrong for some people. Bryan Noble has a lifestyle I would love and maybe someday will have. If I didn’t live so far away from Dublin I would love to do the Diploma course which they also run. It looks to be great value. Don’t throw your money away by opening a trading account before you educate yourself.”

Joseph, Donegal


“I found the knowledge of staff top class and their commitment to answering all your questions and ensuring you understand each part of the course is commendable. Having completed the course I now have the ability to trade my own money confidently. The risk management techniques combined with the valuable technical and fundamental analysis provided me with the necessary tools to trade successfully. The various trading strategies are explained to suit the market environment in which they are most successful and to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls, the type of things you cannot learn from books! However, the most valuable aspect of the course is the feedback on your trades from traders with years of experience. Finally, this course has made me a much more valuable prospect for employment and the part time structure of the course suited perfectly around my schedule as a full time MSc in Finance student at Trinity College Dublin. I can categorically recommend this course for people that are serious about learning about trading.”

Deirdre Mc Gettrick, Dublin


“I did the Diploma in Financial Trading in August 2011 and I thought the classes given by Peter Brown  were excellent.”

Pat Gaughan, Dublin


Excellent course with tutors who know what they are talking about. Are involved and answered every question asked. Advice was great and the different styles of trading was amazing and something for everyone. Being in a trading environment was just great to experience.

- Gerard Gormley, Advanced Diploma