The Team

The IIFT was founded in 2010 and believes in providing traders and investors with a solid grounding in the key principles and disciplines to give people the best chance of success.

We don’t believe in get-rich-quick promises and over-hyped road to riches sales pitches. Every week we come across people who have wasted thousands of euros on slickly marketed “revolutionary” trading strategies and automated systems promising amazing returns. With IIFT you get direct, honest, practical, expert tuition and knowledge on the best way for you to build the plan and strategy that’s right for you and your goals.

Tomás Agnew – Director of Course Sales

A markets pro for many a decade, including a long run as a money broker, Tommy is passionate about helping traders and investors to do better for themselves. He’s always available to help you to find the next best step for what you’re trying to achieve and has been leading the charge for the IIFT since 2011.
087 262 6686

Peter Brown – Director of Education

The epitome of the professional markets trader, Peter has run trading desks in Europe including at Barclays Bank – dealing runs in his veins. He loves imparting his markets and trading knowledge to retail investors and traders. Few media commentators can match the directness and pithiness of his views.
01 – 6644034

Niall O’Connor – Analyst & Lecturer

Niall is a 2010 alumnus, employee and in-house analyst at the IIFT. Niall’s qualifications include Risk, Financial & Quantitative Analysis from DBS along with holding Engineering Degrees in both Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering from the DIT. Prior to joining IIFT in 2010 Niall worked as a Production Engineer for large multinationals such as Caterpillar and Henkel. Niall has brought invaluable skills & experience to instill solid risk management methodologies and has combined this with nearly a decade of chart analysis to achieve a high degree of efficiency from low level market exposure.
01 – 6644034

Tony Fitzpatrick – Head of Finance

Somebody has to make the numbers work and Tony is your consummate and professional accountant. Tony has been immersed in the markets for over 20 years working in areas of finance and compliance in Stockbroking and Treasury Moneybroking firms.

Peter McKenna – Chairman

IIFT is thrilled to have a person with the breadth of commercial, marketing and communications skills as Peter to help steer the company forward. He is Stadium & Commercial Director for the GAA and his many accomplishments include running Smurfit Publications and winning Marketer of the Year 2013.