Work as a Stock Trader

Are you looking for a career in Financial Services as a Trader?

Working as a Trader in a Financial Institution can be very rewarding, but as you might expect there is huge competition among job hopefuls to land a position as a trader in a large financial institution.

So what is the key advantage you need to have over others to ensure you get the job? Many factors combine to convince an employer that the job as a trader is for you. Foremost among these are your trading experiences and trading record. Obviously, if you have been working as a trader you can demonstrate these skills to prospective employers, however, it is not so easy if you are just out of college or are looking for a career change.

So how do you get trading experience and develop a trading record?

The Institute of Investing & Financial Training offers an Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading that teaches you the critical aspects of trading and the disciplines you need to work as a trader. Our course is designed to include a large amount of “Live Trading” time. This is trading a Demo or Real account in a supervised trading environment and being mentored by an experienced trader. This trading environment is operated in a similar fashion to a financial institution and will allow you to learn how to trade like the professionals. You will also be able to develop a trading record.

On completion of the course you can continue to develop your trading skills and ensure your trading record demonstrates your abilities to be a professional trader.

If your interview is a success with a financial institution for a job as a trader, then holding the Advanced Diploma in financial Trading from IIFT along with your trading record will set you apart from other interview candidates and demonstrate your commitment to a prospective career as a trader.

For more details check out the Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading